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William Langford (b. 1815, m. Nancy Newcomb in 1839), of Rockcastle County Kentucky

William Langford (b. 1815, m. Nancy Newcomb, 1839), of Rockcastle County, Kentucky, notes compiled by Sherlene Hall Bartholomew (shb, hereafter).

FATHER ROBERT LANGFORD, SON OF BENJAMIN?  E-letter from Shiron Langford to shb, 31 Jan, 2006, answering some questions, one of which was “So, do you have William, b. 1815, who m. Nancy Newcomb, as a son of Stephen (m. Lois Mullins)?”  Her response:  “No, we think he was Robert’s son and Liberty’s brother.  Stephen1 had only two sons:  Benjamin and Henry S.”  –shb 31 Jan 2006

MORE ON WILLIAM’S POSSIBLE FATHER:  E-letter from Barry Wood to query from Jessie Coffey <>, 16 Jan 2006, forwarded to shb by Allen Leigh, 27 Feb 2006:

“Thanks for writing. I regret that I have to give you such an ignorant answer, but the truth is that I just don’t know about the parents of your William Langford. Maybe Robert (about whom I know almost nothing) was his father.

“On the other hand, judging by the given names in William’s family, I would tend to think that William was the son of Stephen Langford (“Landford”) who married  Lois Mullins 22 July 1807 (Lincoln County record). I note that William  named his oldest son Stephen, the position of honor very frequently reserved for  the child’s paternal grandfather. (Running against this theory is the fact that none of William’s daughters was named Lois, but any number of other issues could explain that.)

“I saw where someone – maybe Shiron – suggested that Robert was the son of  Stephen from a marriage prior to the one with Lois Mullins. Indeed, it would be unusual if Stephen failed to marry during the 18 years that elapsed between his first appearance on the Lincoln County tax lists and the record of his marriage to Lois Mullins. A look at the 1810 census (online at confirms that Stephen not only married before 1800, but had a substantial family, with five children under ten years old. Since a woman age 26-44 appears in the
household, we have to assume that the children’s mother was still alive in 1810. There are also two males 16-25. These could either be farmhands, nephews or some other relatives; conceivably sons of Stephen from the same or an earlier marriage.

“The lack of any children in the 10-15 bracket on the 1810 census makes one question whether Stephen was married during the 1790s, but childhood diseases could have taken away all those born during that time. If a census had been taken in 1813 for my own 3rd great grandparents, it would similarly reflect an absence of boys in that age bracket, though there are three in the cemetery.

“In short, I guess Shiron posits that Robert is one of the males 16-25 on the 1810 census, and thus in a position to marry in time to become the father of your William in 1815. Too bad the torching of the Rockcastle courthouse has made that determination difficult.”  –shb 27 Feb 2006

E-note from Shiron Wordsworth to shb, 27 Feb 2006:  “Hi!  Jessie and I have been corresponding. It seems at this time that William is the son of Robert and Frances Head, and Liberty’s younger brother. But again…we have no paper trail. And we’re waiting on connections the researcher might uncover through documents he’s pursuing. But for now it’s a good guess.  Shi”  –shb 27 Feb 2006  =

1815, FEBRUARY 8–BIRTH:  Full birth date as I had it confirmed on Jessie Coffey posting of a query/lineage, at “Langford-L Archives,” on, at , accessed 21 Jun 2006, by shb.

1839, JULY 7–MARRIAGE TO NANCY NEWCOMB/CHILDREN:  E-note from Shi Wordsworth to shb, 15 Sep 2006: “Liberty was the eldest of the children. He was born in 1810. Yes, William was Robert’s son also. William should have been on the list as one of Robert’s sons. According to one genealogy, William had the following children with Nancy Newcomb: Judith [I do not have a Judith named as one of their children–shb], Polly [nickname for the Martha Francis I have listed?] ,William Equilly [don’t have], Stephen [yes], Robert [yes], Miriam Jane [I have her on two censuses as “Minerva Jane”], Rebecca [yes], Nancy Ann [yes], Margaret M. [yes], Moses N. [I have as Moses Newcomb], Jonathan [yes], Eliza Margaret [yes], Sarah Elizabeth [I had as Sarah E.], Levinia [yes, spelled two different ways in censuses], Mary Milton [Mary M. or “Queenie”], and William Lee [yes]. Sixteen children [I had fifteen, including Emily J. and Adaline, not on Shi’s list]…yikes!”  –shb 15 Sep 2006

1850 CENSUS:  Extract, as posted on RootsWeb, accessed 8 Apr 2005, by shb:

“Rockcastle County, Kentucky, Northern District, Page 187
William Langford   34 farmer Ky
Nancy                     28            Ky
Adalina                   10            Ky (female)
Stephen                    8            Ky
Robert                      6            Ky
Minerva Jane            5            Ky
Rebecca                    4            Ky
Martha                      1            Ky
Benjamin Langford 21            Ky farmer”  –shb 8 Apr 2005 [Note:  William had a brother, Benjamin, b. abt. 1830–probably the same person–is this Benjamin my Legacy ID No. 68248?–shb.]


Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle, Kentucky
Series M653, Roll 393, Page 574
Taken 13 July 1860

857/825  Wm.        Langford 45M 3000 2207 Kentucky
Nancy                     38F                   Kentucky
Stephen                   19M                 Kentucky
Robert                     17M                 Kentucky
Minerva J.               16F                  Kentucky [looked like “Meraia”–shb]
Rebecca                   13F                  Kentucky
Martha F.                   9F                 Kentucky
Nancy A.                    8F                Kentucky
Moses                         6M               Kentucky [my first indication of him]
Eliza M.                      4F                Kentucky
Sarah E.                      1F               Kentucky
Luvina                   1/12F                Kentucky

858/826 M. A. Padgett 25M, wife Sarah 23F  –shb 3 Feb 2006

[Note:  Other Langfords I found in the 1860 Census of Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle, Kentucky are Robert Langford (34) and wife Mary (44)
B.R.P.  Langford (30) and wife Martha
James   Langford (27) and wife Mary A. (26)–all brothers?–shb.]

1863–ENLISTED IN CIVIL WAR AT AGE FORTY-EIGHT?  “Langfords in the Union Army,” as posted at lists “No. 98 William Lankford, KY [Residence], Priv [Enlist Rank], 10/05/63 [Enlist Date], Y [Survived War], Deserted 28 Nov ’64 [Events].”  –shb 13 Mar 2006

1870 CENSUS:   Rockcastle County, Kentucky 1870 Census, copied from microfilm #593, Roll 497 by Shirley Cummins (Mt. Vernon, Kentucky 40456 : Rockcastle County Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 930), 1985, p. 61, searched at the FHL, Salt Lake City, Utah, by shb:

“393.  BRYANT, Craig  [see RIN 58665] 30 M W Farmer              KY
Olly J.                                        20 F W Keeping House   KY
Martha T.                                    4 F W                             KY
Jonathon S.                            5/12 M W                            KY

[I am wondering if “Olly” is a misreading of “Lois,” since she would fit into the Langford family next door, at age twenty, and could have been named after her paternal grandmother, Lois Mullins Langford, if I have properly placed William as a son of Stephen and Lois–shb.] [Note:  That theory was for the boids–I found Craig Squire Bryant (m. Ollie Jane Abney) on the Internet and learned that CRAIG is the relative!  Craig Squire Bryant is the brother of Samuel Bryant who m. Elizabeth Langford, b. 1832, who was the daughter of Liberty Langford, who I think was the brother of William–shb.]

“394.  LANGFERD [sic–shb], William 55 M W Farmer              2000     2310  KY
Nancy [Newcum–shb]          48  F W Keeping House                        KY
Stephen                                 29 M W Miller                   350     1200  KY
Robert                                   27 M W Farmer                 450       620  KY
[Lois here–see 393 above–shb]
Nancy A.                               19 F W At Home                                   KY
Margarett N.                          17 F W  ?                                              KY
[Eliza M., 14, not home–shb]
Sarah E.                                 11 F W  ?                                              KY
Lavina                                   10 F W  ?                                              KY
Emily                                     8 F W                                                  KY
Mary M.                                 6 F W                                                  KY
William J.                               3 M W”  –shb 6 Oct 2004

1870, SEPTEMBER 10–DEATH IN ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, KENTUCKY:  Full death date, as I had it, confirmed per Jessie Coffey posting of a query/lineage, at “Langford-L Archives,” on, at , accessed 21 Jun 2006, by shb.

BURIAL:  Elmwood Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky Burial records list four Langfords together, as recorded by Jeanne Snodgrass Bonham and Patricia Heylmann Hiatt:  “Rockcastle county, Kentucky Cemetery Records (Greenwood, Indiana:  High Grass Publications), 1986, searched by shb at the FHL, Salt Lake City, Utah:

“Mary M. Langford [daughter of William and Nancy (Newcomb)–shb]
13 Jun 1864 – 26 Sep 1913”

“Nancy Langford  [This is Nancy Newcomb, William’s wife–shb]

28 Feb 1822 – 14 Jul 1884”

“Wm. Langford [William, my RIN 58637, m. Nancy Newcomb–shb]
8 Feb 1815 – 10 Sep 1870”

“Stephen Langford “A Member of the Christian church” [this is a son of William and Nancy–shb]
14 Oct 1840 – 3 May 1871″  –shb 6 Oct 2004



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  1. Hi I am from hawaii, and have started collecting information on my family. All I know is that a male with the last name Landford either married or had chilren with a hawaiian woman. They had 3 daughters that I know of: Minerva (kalama)of maui,Hi., Ani (annie), and Juliet(Williamson) of possibly oahu,Hi.
    If anyone has information I could use please drop me a quick note. As with many families in hawaii I am having to traslate some records, and other info I am getting off family head stones. Records are not available without certain info, HELP!


    Comment by daniele haili | February 4, 2007 | Reply

    • Aloha e Daniele,
      I am a decedent of Minerva Kulamanu Landford who was the Aunt of Minerva Kalama, Annie Haughton and Julia Williamson. Minerva, Annie and Julia are all daughters of Mary Kiliwehi Landford who was one of the daughters (Along with Minerva Kulamanu, and Papu Debra) of Henry Newell Landford and Ani Lanikeha Landford.
      I hope this helps…
      We have reunions quite often and a Memorial Association.

      Comment by Michelle Kamalii-Ligsay | June 1, 2012 | Reply

      • Aloha Michelle Kamalii-Ligsay,

        I am Henrietta K.M.L. Mollena, my biological father is Carl Haili and Daniele Haili-Silva’s father Alan Nihoa Haili are brothers. Their father is Jacob Robert Haili and his wife, their mother is Gertrude Kiliwehi Williamson. Her mother is Julia Williamson. But Gertrude was raised by her Aunt Minerva Kiliwehi Kalama and Samuel Enoka Kalama.
        The next reunion is July 10-12, 2015. Looking for ward for more genealogy information and meeting more family.
        Henrietta Kaluna Michiko Lindsey Mollena

        Comment by Henrietta Mollena | April 17, 2015

      • I’m doing my pedigree chart and Julia Kiliwehi Landford’s husband is Elmer Williamson. Who are Elmer Williamson’s parents?

        Comment by Henrietta Mollena | April 26, 2015

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