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Making Sense of the Census (Fording the Langs, at Present)

Peyton or “Pate” Langford (b. abt. 1870, son of James H. Langford and Mary Ann Dameron, m. __?), of District 95, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

NAME: “Pate” as a nickname for “Peyton,” per letter from Shiron Wordsworth to shb, 11 Feb 2006, explaining various Langford family nicknames. –shb 11 Feb 2006

1880 CENSUS–“TEYTON [SIC–SHB] LANGFORD” IS AGE NINE, BORN IN KENTUCKY, BOTH PARENTS BORN IN KENTUCKY, LIVING WITH HIS WIDOWED MOTHER, “MAY [SIC–SHB] A. LANGFORD,” AND FIVE OF HIS SIBLINGS, IN DISTRICT 95, ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, KENTUCKY. [Note: Also in the household is a black “servant” named “Thomas Richd. Langford,” age twelve, born in Kentucky, both parents born in Kentucky; and a female “servant,” named “May Cromer,” age twenty, born in Kentucky, both parents born in Kentucky. They live six houses away from his mother’s father-in-law, Liberty Langford, age seventy–shb.] See notes of her deceased father, James H. Langford, for census detail. –shb 29 May 2006

A HORSE TRADER. I mentioned in a Langford family letter that my mother thought her Langford ancestors brought prized Kentucky horses with them and nurtured their offspring for generations. To this, Shi Wordsworth responded in an e-note to shb, 3 July 2006: “I don’t know anything about this Langford anecdote, but I do know that Peyton Langford was a horse trader in Rockcastle in the late 1890s. And according to the old lady who knew him, Flint (Elza) “rode the finest horse in town with a saddle that had silver trimmings.” –shb 4 July 2006

1898–HELPS FIRE FIFTEEN SHOTS AND MAKES NEWS FOR THE MT. VERNON SIGNAL: As posted on a RootsWeb site, accessed 27 Mar 2006, by shb: News item published 1 Apr 1898, in the Mt. Vernon Signal: “Wm Hundley has sworn out warrants against Elza [Pate’s brother] and Pate Langford charging them with having fired fifteen shots at him last Saturday afternoon while he was standing on his father’s door step at Brush Creek Station. Hundley got his shot gun but was prevented by his mother from going out. In her efforts to take the weapon it was discharged and the load came near striking her. The Langford’s have surrendered to Squire Gatliff in Crooked Creek district.” [See brother R. Elza’s notes for Elza’s descendant Shi Wordsworth’s response, when I asked if she knew about this and joked that “All I can say is they must have had a few to have shot fifteen times and missed!”] –shb 27 Mar 2006

1898–PENDING TRIAL: Note by Shiron Wordsworth, as posted on the Fielding Langford site: “Two sources for Peyton Langford: 1. The 1880 US Federal Census, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Peyton is an unusual first name. Could it be a tie to Nancy? 2. ‘Pate’ Langford, Elza Langford, and W. G. Mullins have a case about to go to trial, as reported in ‘The Mt. Vernon Signal,’ June 3, 1898.” –shb 9 Oct 2004


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