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Making Sense of the Census (Fording the Langs, at Present)

Mary (d. abt 1798, m. Joseph Lankford abt. 1765, in Caroline Co. VA), of Lincoln County, Kentucky

ABT 1765–MARRIES JOSEPH LANKFORD (1728/29-1785) iN CAROLINE COUNTY, VIRGINIA? See accompanying notes of husband, Joseph Lankford. –shb

1787, AUGUST 17–WITNESS TO DAUGHTER JEAN’S MARRIAGE: See RIN 58819, “mo. Mary Lankford” is witness to marriage of Jean Lankford to Faris Johnson, 17 Aug 1787. –shb 10 Oct 2004

1797-1798–MARY’S DEATH/JOHN FARRIS APPOINTED SALLY LANGFORD’S GUARDIAN: E-letter, 29 Jan 2006, from Shiron Wordsworth to shb: “This past weekened, I was in touch with a gentleman researching original tax records and land grants in what was once Lincoln County, Kentucky. This gentleman assured me there is evidence that Mary Langford, Joseph’s wife, died about 1797 or 98 [I had her death as “aft. 17 Aug 1787″–shb]. In 1798, John Farris was appointed the legal guardian of Sally Langford, who was a child of Joseph and Mary Langford. John Farris was married to Jenny Langford, another daughter of Joseph and Mary. The logical conclusion to be drawn from that guardianship is that Jenny and John assumed responsibility for the minor child of Jenny’s parents, at her mother’s death.” –shb 30 Nov 2006

MARY DIED ON LAND ORIGINALLY GRANTED TO JOHN FARRIS: From e-letter by Shi Wordsworth to shb, 17 Feb 2006: “When Joseph’s wife, Mary, died, she was living on land originally granted to John Farris. This makes sense because Jenny, daughter of Joseph and Mary, married Johnson Farris in Lincoln County, 17 August 1787. Mary was probably living with her daughter, in her old age. Mary died about 1798. John Farris was appointed legal guardian of Sally Langford, Mary’s daughter, in Lincoln County, in that same year. We need to get back to Joseph’s original land holdings to see how they related to Sephen1’s land holdings. And we need to research in Pittsylvania County, Virginia!” –shb 17 Feb 2006

WILDERNESS CONDITIONS: (See notes under same heading, notes of Sally’s mother, Mary Lankford–shb.) –shb 30 Jan 2006 From e-letter by Barry D. Wood to shb, 30 Jan 2006: ” . . . Indeed, it makes sense that other family members would have come to Kentucky following Joseph’s death, in order to give Mary (_______) Langford some help on the homestead. Whatever the challenges of widowhood generally, we can scarcely imagine how difficult it must have been for Mary to survive and care for her children in the mountain wilderness following Joseph’s death.” –shb 30 Jan 2006


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